Handcrafted Art with captivating effects

The marriage of unique artistic methods and superior painting quality, enhanced by alluring gold details.

Meet the Artist

Artist Stephanie van der Beek is driven by an unwavering passion and boundless energy, aiming to create artworks that truly reflect her vibrant spirit. With over two decades of dedication to traditional painting methods, she embarked on a transformative journey, developing a truly distinctive technique that sets her work apart. What makes Stephanie’s process stand out is the use of a humble hair dryer as her artistic tool, enabling her to skillfully blow the liquid medium across the surface, creating mesmerizing patterns. Her creations, often inspired by organic shapes, bear a personal touch and are meticulously adorned with a glossy epoxy finish, radiating timeless elegance and a unique allure.

Stephanie’s artwork is exhibited throughout the Benelux and finds representation in various galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Round abstract epoxy painting

Crafting Art with a Hair Styler

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