Handcrafted Interior Statement Pieces with Art

In her latest collaboration, artist Stephanie van der Beek has teamed up with Cape Town based South African artist Gere Victor, a goldsmith and jewellery designer known for working with a wide range of metals and gemstones. Together, they have seamlessly merged two artistic disciplines to introduce something entirely innovative. In their partnership, they have ventured into scaling jewellery to giant proportions, crafting ‘Art Pendants’ — essentially, ‘Jewellery for your Home.’


These unique pendants showcase Stephanie’s distinctive double-sided epoxy artworks in a variety of shapes and colours. Each unique artwork is secured by bronze clasps that link up with minerals – both polished or in their natural state – such as selenite, onyx and agate. Bronze geometric shapes complete these statement pieces. 

Merging two artistic disciplines

Art Pendants don’t dangle from an ear or sparkle from a wrist, but they are scaled to cascade from ceiling to floor. By melding the respective artistic signatures, Gere and Stephanie have conceived a captivating concept—a true statement piece for any interior.


These collaborative Art Pendants are available through artist Stephanie van der Beek in the Netherlands, either individually or as a set of two. They can be customized to any preferences, including chain length, artwork colors, and included items.

Art Pendants - Juwellery for your home

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Available Art Pendants

“I absolutely love collaborating with another creative mind, especially one with completely different skills and techniques. Joining forces to create something unique is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling.”

– Stephanie van der Beek

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