Illusionary Reflections

The artwork “Illusionary Reflections” showcases an unconventional shape, resembling a driple, evoking associations with water. However, with the addition of a completely different color, it prompts viewers to reconsider their initial perceptions and ponder its true essence.

Searching Within

“Searching Within” is an enigmatic artwork that invites viewers to embark on a journey of introspection. With its unconventional shape and insightful composition, it challenges observers to confront the age-old question: What do they truly see? The struggle to articulate what we perceive or feel is a universal human experience. Understanding often requires patience, as it takes time for insights to emerge—an experience mirrored in the challenge of articulating emotions and perceptions. What emotion does “Searching within” evoke with you?

Flower Orchestra

Flower epoxy painting

The artwork “Flower Orchestra” celebrates the beauty of strength and toughness, while also suggesting that these qualities are even more beautiful when accompanied by a soft and gentle side. The soft, fading flowers are framed by a thick steel frame, a contrast which couldnt be more striking, yet it also creates a balanced and harmonious whole.

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